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Parenting is tough. It doesn’t get easier as children get older; every age presents a new challenge that we have to “level up” to meet. Parents are constantly learning and gaining new tools to better protect, teach, and guide their children.

That’s why we created Parent Up. We want to provide parents of tweens and teens a safe space to ask questions, to learn, and to network with other parents going through the same thing.

Parent Up: An Empowering Parenting Series is back this September. Join us throughout the year as we spotlight a new topic and host regional experts. Each session will be a 60-minute workshop to build knowledge and strengthen parenting skills.

Past Sessions

September 2020
Teens, Tweens & Quarantines

Presented by Jon Mattleman, New England Clinical Director

This presentation for parents and caregivers, focused on the impact of COVID-19 on youth. In a dynamic fashion, this talk will address:

  • The teen/tween brain

  • Explain why this pandemic is so difficult for this age group

  • Survey the process of loss

  • Discuss issues related to independence, autonomy, and privacy

  • Offer perspectives and suggestions that parents and caregivers can implement immediately

November 2020
More Than Sad: Suicide Prevention for Parents

Presented by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

This presentation shared with caregivers about how to recognize signs of depression and other mental health problems, initiate a conversation with their child, and get them help.

February 2021
Talking with Teens About Race

Presented by Barbara Johnson
VP of Race and Gender Equity, YWCA Greater Pittsburgh

In this presentation participants gained a greater understanding about racial justice from the experience of both, a professional racial justice educator who facilitates workshops on race and an African American mother of two sons whose first hand experiences with racism fuels her passion. Teens, just like children, care about their identity and are witness to issues about race and injustice. They need environments where adults are open to difficult conversations, honest with responses to their questions and prepared to empower them as they navigate the confidence needed to care about and engage in the work needed to eliminate racism.

April 2021
Parenting Teens and Young Adults around
Digital and Mental Health

Presented by Dr. Ana Radovic

In this presentation Dr. Radovic talked about recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental illness, about positives and negatives of social media use and their relationship to mental illness, and share various resources that may be helpful to families with recognizing and responding to symptoms of mental illness.

September 2021
Beyond Worried: A Conversation about Teens and Anxiety

Presented by Dr. Thea Gallagher and Kate Brett.

Our presenters are co-hosts of Mind In View Podcast, . Dr. Thea Gallagher and Kate Brett. Thea is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor.  Kate is a mental health advocate who was treated for a severe case of OCD eight years ago at the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety at the University of Pennsylvania. Following her successful treatment, she started a support group at the center, which is where she met and got to know Thea—the group continues to meet monthly. 

November 2021
Prepare by Knowing the Facts: Teens, Tweens, Substance Use & Opiates

Presented by Susan L. Tarasevich, Ed.D. and Aubrey Stull

Participants gained a better understanding about the following: -Define addiction -Outline the risks involved with substance misuse in youth -Explore ways of protecting youth from substance misuse and addiction -Discuss current trends of substance misuse among teens and tweens -Describe strategies parents/caregivers can use to recognize and respond to substance misuse in teens and tweens

February 2022
WHAT! My baby is dating?! How to talk to you kids, tweens, & teens about relationships

Presented by Maya Ragavan, MD, MPH, MS.

Maya Ragavan is a general pediatrician who is passionate about helping parents and caregiver talk to their kids about dating and dating violence. She is also a violence prevention and health equity researcher at the University of Pittsburgh.

April 2022
Understanding Eating Disorders

Presented by Kristin Burmeister, MSSA, LSW from The Emily Program

Eating disorders are becoming increasingly better understood by our society. However, many are not fully aware of the prevalence, seriousness, the range of individuals affected by this illness. The purpose of this workshop is to identify causes, signs, effects, and treatment options for eating disorders, from the perspective of individuals who are struggling as well as their loved ones and treatment providers.

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