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Virtual Team Meeting

Parenting is tough.

What is Parent Up Pittsburgh?

Parenting is tough. It doesn’t get easier as children get older; every age presents a new challenge that we have to “level up” to meet. Parents are constantly learning and gaining new tools to better protect, teach, and guide their children.

That’s why we created Parent Up. We want to provide parents of tweens and teens a safe space to ask questions, to learn, and to network with other parents going through the same thing.

Parent Up: An Empowering Parenting Series is back this September. Join us throughout the year as we spotlight a new topic and host regional experts. Each session will be a 60-minute workshop to build knowledge and strengthen parenting skills.

Values of Parent Up Pittsburgh

We believe in  strengthening parents on collective knowledge building. This ensures a bright future for our youth and communities.

We are more effective and make a bigger impact. Shared goals and mutual support, with each other, those we serve, and our community partners, lead to greater success.

We respect and seek inclusion of differences in individuals and ideas, understanding that we can learn from each other.

 We are always innovating, looking for new ways to make families shine, solidly perched on past successes.

We believe in the power of storytelling to empower, inspire, and connect parents to share and learn from their lived experiences.






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Every Child is the host organization of Parent Up. 

Every Child builds a stronger community by empowering families through family support and clinical services.

Your donation will allow parents to attend all sessions free of charge, build their parenting toolbox, and ultimately strengthen our Southwest Pennsylvania communities.


Thank you for your consideration and we hope we can count on you for your support.

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